Our U.S. Marine Corps' greatest men and women are finally catalogued by the place they called home, bringing to light the ordinary American lives of the most extraordinary heroes of world military history.

Great Marines of Virginia is the first in this 50+ book series.

After three years of research, Meriwether Ball's third book is finally available. Marines and historians heralded her first book, Puller Chronicles Volume 1, about her distant cousin, LtGen. Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller's ancestral Christian faith, and its importance in his life story.

Happily, Miss Ball introduces us now to the many heroic and humble compatriots from Chesty's beloved Virginia.

"This is a selection of short, well-written biographies of Marine icons--and Marines who should be icons."

I was immediately interested in who the author included in this book. I knew of some great Marines, that were Virginia natives and knew they would certainly be included, but I was astonished to see others that made Virginia home."

It will be of interest to all Marines and military historians, and should stimulate interest in digging further into the lives of these Marines."